Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Come rains & villagers of Boasimla-I in Upper Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh would struggle hard to cope up with water from the over flowing dilapidated drains. The overflowing water had all the ingredients fit for spreading water borne diseases in that area. The location of this almost nonexistent drain was in the middle of the village just by the main road. People of the village were looking nothing less than being helpless to the situation. Our children are worst affected of this dirty water as they are prone to catching different diseases and our hard earned money is gone in giving them medical attention said; Mr. Tap Tapuk ZPM, Kamporijo Anchal Block - II.  Several kinds of diseases like Tuberculosis, Malaria, Typhoid and Jaundice etc were showing in among the people, especially children. The 216 strong households of this village depend on wage labour and on small pretty shops for their livelihood other than agricultural activities.

FARM North East project has Boasimla-I as one of its project villages. Itanagar Diocesan Empowerment Association (IDEA), the implementing partner is responsibly carrying out the project activities in the area. While carrying out activities, IDEA got to know about the issue of drains in Boasimla-I. We told our friends from IDEA how badly we are suffering because of the drains and requested them if they could suggest us some solutions said: Tap Taning. IDEA wasted no time thereafter in working towards mobilizing the community on how best they can solve the issue they are faced with. IDEA organized a community level orientation on the poor infrastructure and civic amenities of the village during training session 2014/15. The project team went around the village and brought the villagers together for community reflections. The community was also informed about the successes of communities when they had collectively launched development actions. We were highly motivated with the presentations made by them (IDEA) on collective actions and it gave us the confidence that if others can achieve success, so can we said Godak Mathew.  

Here on the community that once hesitated to take such moves started mobilizing themselves now. The community convened a meeting on 17 December 2013 and discussed how they could address the issue of poor state of the Drainage. It was resolved that the community themselves would go for the construction of the drain of their own. An appeal was made for donations required for the construction The community responded immediately to the appeal by donating as per their individual capabilities. A stunning Rs 65,00/- was collected as local contribution.  Men & women of Boasimla-I coming together to contribute labour in constructing the drain. All of them put in hard labour for a month. Their hard work bore results when a 1 Km drain took shape during October 2014 thus giving a respite to the people. We would have may be never felt the beauty of togetherness if we had not come out as a unit for this noble cause said; Mr. Taw Sala adding further that they would keep alive the spirit of togetherness alive forever.

Drain Constructed by the Community
The local administration in the area when informed was taken for a big surprise. The administration couldn’t believe that the drain was being built by the community without taking a penny from the Government. The Government then immediately took due cognizance of the matter while applauding the people for their generosity. We saw our hard work bearing sweet fruits when the Government not only recognized us but also sanctioned an amount of Rs 2,50,000.00 for further maintenance & cleanliness of the drain constructed by us said a jubilantly smiling Ms. Guchi Attick.

IDEA ensured that the story was carried over further. The news of this unique happening was published on local dailies immediately.

It feels good to see how partners of Caritas India are trying to involve community ownership by motivating them in every possible way. Caritas India’s initiative on peoples’ empowerment bore yet another flower & the fragrance is spreading around. 

Contributed By: Sanjit Basumatary, IDEA, Arunachal Pradesh
Edited By: Prabal Sen, Caritas India, Guwahati

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