Thursday, 23 March 2017


Pegmir Tada comes from a tiny village named Ripari under Kamporijo Block of Lower Subansiri district in Arunachal Pradesh. He is a hard working farmer by profession and is dependent on agriculture the sustenance of his family. He was following the conventional methods of farming practices which did not yield results as expected. He could hardly support his family the production from his fields until 2012. He could not even afford sending his children to a good school for education.
It was only during 2013 when the FARM North East I interventions were carried out in Pegmir’s village.  Pegmir took the opportunity learn new things from the trainings conducted by IDEA on agricultural practices. Pegmir lost no time in applying those useful technologies in his fields. It was only a matter of time when Pegmir saw his crop yields growing on the higher side. Earlier Pegmir’s produce could support his family hardly for half a year but now he has even surplus to be sold out to market.
Pegmir, today has unleashed a source of inspiration to his fellow farmers who were still struggling to enhance their livelihood options through better technological interventions in agriculture. The fellow farmers in RIpari are following Pegmir’s footsteps towards a better future. It is worth mentioning here that Pegmir has been instrumental in bringing in drinking water to his village through help and advice from IDEA team. The nearest drinking water source from Ripari was 2 Kms away that made peoples’ life difficult. However, Pegmir initiated a collective action of his people and ended up by bringing in drinking water pipelines to his village.
Pegmir goes on inspiring his people and putting in all efforts to make the lives of his and his people better.

Contributed by: Sanjit Basumatary
Coordinator, IDEA
Arunachal Pradesh

Edited By: Prabal Sen
Caritas India

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