Wednesday, 5 April 2017


D.K. Leiran
A farmer from a village named Thingapur in Chandel district of Manipur has set yet another example to for his own people to follow. D. K. Leiran is 62 year old farmer from Thingapur village living with his two wives with seven children. Being a farmer by his genes, Leiran was carrying out his regular agricultural activities in the conventional way since ages. The conventional way was good until climate change led to change in the environment thus inviting degradation of soil and water resources that led to reduction in the crop yield.
Leiran’s source of income was only from the agricultural production but given the conventional methods, he was not able to respond to his own needs from the crops he was growing, leave alone selling to market. The FARM NE I partner (DSSS) in Manipur took up Thingapur as a project village during 2013 and as part of the project the FARM NE I team organized a demonstration cum training on Bokashi technology to the farmers. Leiran was also a part of the training and that’s what changed his life for good.

After the demonstration cum training on Bokashi, Leiran decided to replicate the technology in his own fields. He could see the difference in his crops that were healthy and larger in size. He could even see the increase in the number of fruits per plant thus enhancing his yields by more than double folds. Leiran has now started selling his surplus produce in the local markets and earning more than what he used to before.

Bokashi technology brought about the much awaited change in Thingapur where Leiran has inspired a number of other farmers in his village to follow suit. People now have started rearing pig in order to get bokashi manure and use it in their fields.  Leiran is thus through his works inspiring his community and the community is responding to the call from one of their very own man.

Contributed by
Samuel Gangmei, Coordinator
DSSS, Imphal

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